The GlassRite Tool

The lightweight glass bottle directory known as the GlassRite Tool has been updated to include a wider range of glass bottles and bottle attributes. The tool enables those specifying bottles to easily source lightweight bottles that can help cut costs and improve resource efficiency. 

The GlassRite Tool now includes bottles for spirits, wines, beer, cider and perry. The directory originally only included bottles for still wines. 
Users can now search for the following bottle attributes: capacity, height, diameter and neck type. These are in addition to the original bottle attributes, e.g. manufacturer, country of origin, bottle style, colour, closure and weight.
The directory includes the lightest 30% of bottles available on the international market for each bottle type, based on data provided by international glass manufacturers. For example the cut off weight is: 210g for 330ml beer bottles, 440g for 700ml spirits bottles, and 450g for 750ml wine bottles (as before). Details regarding cut-off weights are available here.
The lightweight bottles showcased on the GlassRite Tool are supplied by international glass manufacturers. For more information on how to register bottles, please contact us.