This section of the data portal provides a summary of developments in the UK’s recovered glass market.  The data presented here comes from respected, publicly available and regularly updated sources on the internet.  By following the links above the graphics, you can find out more details on the source of the data and visit the sites to access the full data.

The current highlights and trends are:

Recovered glass container prices

Clear cullet prices dropped to £15 per tonne in early July, having previously held at £18 per tonne since January 2018 

Amber cullet prices also declined in early July to £10 per tonne, having previously achieved £13 per tonne since  September 2017

Green cullet prices continued the slow decline seen over the last few months. Current prices in early July are £8 per tonne.

Mixed cullet prices also dropped to £8 per tonne. 

Glass PRN prices

Glass PRN prices have slowly risen throughout the year to £14.50 per tonne in June 18. This is the highest price point seen since June 2015.  

Glass packaging recycling

Total glass packaging recycled (including remelt and aggregate) totalled 347kt in 2018Q2.