Cost benefit study: Furnishing services

Greater London Authority: Delivering responsible procurement

Metropolitan Police Service: Internet based ‘Swap Shop’ initiative established for small items / stationary no longer needed is estimated to have saved £17,000 in new purchases. Office furniture supply contract was won by a local supplier; includes ‘hire facility’ to obtain items for 1 day up to 12 months as required; also allows redeployment to other locations when end of initial useful life reached and stipulates environmental considerations in furniture sourcing.

Sustainable Procurement Centre of Excellence: Furniture re-use scheme

University of Leeds: Established a furniture re-use scheme as part of over-arching waste management programme in April 2009. Achieved cost savings of over £125,000 in first 8 months. (In previous 4 years new furniture procurement costs were approximately £4 million).

In 2008 alone University disposed of 93.4 tonnes total furniture waste costing £302 per tonne – no re-use system in place at that time. Savings result from avoided waste disposal costs, avoided time of waste personnel; avoided procurement of new/replacement furniture; avoided time of procurement personnel; along with environmental benefits of re-use.