Free posters and leaflets will help unlock the benefits of re-use

22nd February 2013

Today WRAP has launched new free communications materials including posters, leaflets and web banners, which can help to unlock the financial and social benefits of increased re-use levels.

They can be used free by local authorities and re-use organisations collecting from homes to help people put out more items for re-use, thereby diverting those items from landfill. The materials focus on bulky items (e.g. electricals and furniture) and textiles.

WRAP worked with six partnerships, comprising of a mix of local authorities, third sector organisations and commercial companies, to trial the communications materials. Five out of the six projects increased the amount of material they would normally collect for re-use during the trial period. A report summarising the results of the trials has also gone online today.

Frances Jones, Director of Revive Leeds, a partner in one of the trials said: "Revive Leeds is delighted with the communications materials that have been provided by WRAP.  The footfall and sales at our reuse shop on the council's Household Waste site have increased over 100% in comparison with the same months last year.  This, of course, means that we are diverting a much larger tonnage and making a real contribution to the council's reuse and recycling targets.  We are pleased to have been part of the pilot and we recommend other groups now use the templates that have been developed."

Linda Crichton, Head of Collections and Quality at WRAP, said: “People are becoming more aware of the financial opportunities around increasing levels of re-use – for example, WRAP estimates that almost a quarter of electricals taken by householders to household waste and recycling centres across the UK have a re-use value of over £200m1. This is on top of the benefit of avoided landfill tax charges.
“As a result, we know that re-use organisations, recyclers and local authorities are looking to tap in to those economic opportunities by increasing the amount of re-usable items they collect. This can be achieved with the help of communications.

“The free communications materials that WRAP has published today have been thoroughly tested with householders in ‘real life’ trials, and are now proven to make an impact and change behaviour.”

All projects included a leaflet drop to all households in the target area. Other communications included press releases, roadshows, posters, banners, online and social media activity.

The partnership projects ran in:

• Leeds
• Shropshire
• Inverness
• Nairn
• London Borough of Bexley
• Oxford

The communications materials and report can be downloaded via

1 Realising the re-use value of household WEEE:

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