Framework for Effective Redistribution Partnerships

The purpose of the Framework for Effective Redistribution Partnerships (‘the Redistribution Framework’) is to help organisations increase volumes of food redistributed in the UK by:

1) Providing a structured and efficient approach to the creation and operation of partnerships which enable successful food redistribution, taking into account the needs and ways of working of both the food surplus provider and a recipient organisation;

2) Supporting more consistent exchange of key information; and

3) Stimulating a more structured approach to the identification of surpluses suitable for redistribution.

The Redistribution Framework is intended to help individual providers and recipients to adopt or adapt their own processes and choices for handling surplus, to fit with existing ways of working, while making it easier for multiple organisations to work with each other.

The Redistribution Framework and associated documents can be accessed here.

All other downloads can be found here:

Readiness to Receive Declaration Template

Readiness to Supply Declaration Template

Redistribution Partnership Arrangement Template