Food waste in primary production: Data Sharing Platform

22nd July 2019

A platform to share and collate data on food loss, waste and surplus in primary production, on a sector-by-sector basis, including context about the quality of the data, variability, crop type and country.

How to get involved
In order to better understand food waste in primary production, WRAP collated a dataset from existing literature.
Please get in touch to access the existing dataset and to submit your research and new data points.

Food loss and waste in primary production is probably the least well understood and measured of all stages of food supply chain. The measurement can be costly and the result can vary from farm to farm and year on year. WRAP has launched a data sharing platform so that research institutions around the world working on this subject can share and compare data on waste and loss in primary production. WRAP has initially populated the platform with data from publicly available literature. The platform in Microsoft Excel is currently orientated towards ‘European and North American’ agricultural systems.

WRAP is willing to share the data with organisations that will contribute their own existing research outputs, or have funding for new research and would like to understand where the most important data gaps are, and subsequently contribute the data arising. Access and use of the platform is subject to agreement to the terms and conditions of use. Updates to the platform will occur periodically.