Food waste data

The WRAP website and its consumer-facing Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) campaign website are excellent sources of food waste data and summary statistics.

This section signposts key reports and web pages that will be helpful to those looking for data to help with preparing waste prevention communication materials, with the implementation of new prevention activities and with planning further research.

Key points

  • The main relevant WRAP food waste data signposting source is the Household Food and Drink Waste Resource Listing
  • The LFHW website contains many summary statistics.
  • WRAP’s Food Waste Resources Portal. It contains links to sector-specific food waste research reports.

Below, we highlight three good sources of data and summary statistics relating to food waste. 

1 ) WRAP’s Household Food and Drink Waste Resource Listing is an up-to-date listing which summarises all the resources (guidance, tools and research) produced by WRAP to support taking action to reduce household food and drink waste.  

2) The Love Food Hate Waste consumer-facing website has summary statistics for consumers throughout its content, but the page “About Food Waste” is the main reference page: Two versions exist;

3) WRAP’s Food Waste Resources Portal is a signposting tool which provides links to the most up to date and relevant sources of data on the different sources of food waste.

Of most relevance for the Household Waste Prevention Hub is the report for food and drink waste from households.