Evergreen Gas Demonstration Report

Closing date: 
31 December, 2016

This report represents one of the nine projects taken through to the demonstration phase of WRAP’s Driving Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion (DIAD) programme.  It was selected as it represented a technological innovation that could optimise and improve AD systems in the UK, making them more efficient and/or cost effective

Evergreen gas sought to demonstrate the potential of small-scale upgrading of biogas for vehicle fuel, otherwise known as biogas for transport (“BfT”). Biogas to vehicle fuel represents a potentially attractive, sustainable source of non-fossil derived fuel and one which is used extensively in Sweden. Importantly, where biogas is obtained through the digestion of agricultural residues and waste streams, it is considered a second generation biofuel.

The demonstration sought to install, commission and operate a small-scale biogas upgrade plant, approximately 10m3.hr-1 of raw biogas, and to use the upgraded gas as fuel for small production-model commercial vans. Evergreen Gas then assessed the viability of the technology from both a technical and economic standpoint.