Evaluation of the end markets for textile rag and fibre within the UK

This report identifies and reviews end of life market opportunities for textile rag and fibre in the UK.

This report assesses the end markets within the UK, both new potential and existing, for clothing and household linen (excluding mattresses and carpets) textile waste, and outlines the potential commercial opportunities for textile reprocessors to enter and/or maximise these markets.

There are two areas where opportunities exist for deriving value from End of Life (EoL) textiles:

  • End markets where EoL textiles can fetch a higher value; and
  • End markets where demand is high for volumes for cheap EoL textiles.

The end markets that have been identified in this report and investigated in detail include insulation, automotive felt, wipers, flocking, fibre to fibre and other materials

The potential growth of these identified end markets have been estimated based on industry growth, estimated demand and opportunities.

The conclusions indicated that there is potential opportunity for approximately 106kt of textile rags to be recycled by 2020. 

If these end markets can be initiated so that the reprocessors could get more value for recycle grade material this in turn will cover the increased cost of collection and sorting and improve their profitability.