ERDF West Midlands Programme


In 2009/10 WRAP delivered a programme of support for the West Midlands Recycling sector on behalf of Advantage West Midlands (AWM). The programme successfully stimulated growth in the capacity of the West Midlands wastes and recycling sector to divert C&I waste from landfill saving carbon and creating jobs and economic activity for the region.

 Research carried out towards the end of this Programme showed that there were still areas that required further stimulation and therefore, through AWM, WRAP secured European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) to run a new Programme facilitating further investment in recycling infrastructure until 2015.

Between January 2011 and March 2012 £4.0m of ERDF was awarded to businesses who matched the investment with private finance to undertake projects that will result in significant diversion of waste from landfill, CO2 reduction and job creation by 2015. 

Projects range from upgrading commercial and industrial materials recovery facilities operations to utilise the latest technology in order to increase throughput and material recovery to innovative projects recovering materials previously thought only suitable for landfill or burning.

We are also beginning to see the development of end-to-end local supply chains where material arising as waste in the West Midlands can be collected, sorted, processed and re-used as a raw material all within the region.  

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