Enhancement and treatment of digestates from anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a well established process for the treatment of organic waste and the generation of renewable energy. Historically the digestate produced from the process has been applied to land as a fertiliser or soil conditioner.

However, with a planned increase in the number and capacity of AD plants to treat a variety of organic waste streams in the UK, digestate enhancement and treatment technologies are gaining more attention.

This study aimed to identify digestate enhancement and treatment techniques, in order to raise awareness of them within the UK waste sector.
The study has considered well established techniques, as well as novel or emerging processes currently under development.
The project has reviewed technologies applicable to all digestates produced from the anaerobic digestion of a variety of feedstocks, whether or not they are compliant with PAS110 or the Anaerobic Digestion Quality Protocol (ADQP).