Electronic Products 'Pathfinder' Group

WRAP is helping the electrical and electronic product sector to cut costs, reduce resource use, and build reputation for corporate responsibility. We are doing this by working with companies to design and manufacture products differently. 

The group consists of a diverse range of electrical and electronic product manufacturers and retailers and aims to: 

  • identify the most significant changes in the supply and sale of electrical and electronic products in the UK that would use less material resources, reduce cost and reduce business risk, while improving profit;
  • implement changes on key products, measure the benefits and distil good practice; and
  • share insight on consumers understanding and attitudes to product lifetime.
At the April 2013 meeting the group discussed:
  • the value of electrical goods after their first sale and the IT asset management sector (see IT asset management information below);
  • developing a benchmark for product returns; and
  • opportunities to develop buying guides around key electrical products.
At the October 2013 webinar the group explored how WRAP has developed these ideas and discussed opportunities for taking them forward.  View the webinar files on extending electrical product lifetimes through specifications and buying guidance.
Please refer to the following websites for information about certified IT asset management (ITAM) companies:
Microsoft registered refurbisher:
ADISA certified processing facilities:
BLANCCO partners, IT asset recyclers, refurbishers and remarketers:
Tabernus Affiliate & Integration Partners: