Driving out waste in food & drink manufacturing and retailing

What are the benefits of taking action to reduce waste?

If you or your company needs convincing about the business case to reduce waste, read about the commercial, legal/policy and environmental reasons why waste reduction should be at the top of your agenda.

Food waste prevention digests - all the information you need

Our new series of interactive digests, tailored to ten different audiences, sectors and topics such as retailers, fresh produce and packaging, brings together all the information you need in a user friendly and accessible format. 

Take action on waste: WRAP’s 5-5-5 approach

Use WRAP’s experience of working with businesses to help your company target its efforts to maximise waste and cost reductions.

Explore our 5-5-5 approach to see the detailed guidance and tools available to help you every step of the way.

  • 5 key actions to take Find out what we recommend as the essential actions your company should be taking to drive out waste.

  • 5 key areas to target WRAP has found the biggest waste reductions can be achieved through targeting five key areas of your business. 

  • 5 stages to follow Once you know what your waste hotspots are, follow these 5 stages to eliminate waste and cost.

Your Workplace Without Waste

Get your staff engaged to help drive food and packaging waste out of your business! WRAP has developed an innovative engagement programme for food and drink retailers, depots and manufacturers. A series of fun, interactive activities will help staff to:
  • understand the financial and environmental impacts of workplace waste 
  • learn how to recognise, measure and cost waste
  • generate solutions to reduce waste and put them into practice.


Evidence – the facts and figures

For anyone who would like to delve into the detailed research WRAP has undertaken, have a look at:

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