Demonstration of end uses for recovered PVC flooring

Testing a nationwide collection and recycling system for flexible PVC flooring (RecoFloor) and the feasibility of making a wide range of marketable PVC flooring products from recycled material.

The report on the use of recovered PVC vinyl flooring in the manufacture of PVC flooring is the result of a WRAP-funded, jointly run project with Axion Recycling, Altro Ltd., Polyflor Ltd., Tarkett Ltd., and Gerflor Ltd.

Trials were run that demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility of:

  • the manufacture of new high-grade flooring products containing recycled post-use vinyl flooring; and
  • a permanent, collaborative national collection system in the UK.

Why is PVC vinyl flooring waste a problem?

It's estimated that up to 50, 000 tonnes of vinyl flooring per year enters the waste stream in the UK, in the form of off-cuts from the installation process and material taken out during refurbishments.

What currently happens to this waste?

Currently only a small percentage of PVC flooring waste is recovered - in fact most ends up in landfill, however WRAP's trials show that this material may be economically collected and recycled.