DC-Agri training resources

The DC-Agri project has produced a series of training materials and resources for farmers and professionals working in the sector, as well as lecture notes specifically designed for agriculture students. These resources provide training on what compost and digestate are, and how they can be integrated into nutrient management plans to grow healthy crops.

The materials can be used by both in-house training managers and other training professionals delivering courses. 

Free teaching materials for staff delivering courses to agriculture students and for other courses relevant to the management of digestate and compost.

Training materials designed specifically for farmer advisers wanting to make the most of renewable fertilisers and soil improvers.

Related papers and articles

Beneficial use of composts and digestates in agriculture – Results of a 5 year field experimental programme (Proceedings Crop Protection in Northern Britain 2016).

Digestate and Compost in Agriculture (Global Research Alliance, UK Agri-Science & Innovation Issue 4 October 2015).

Effects of compost and digestate additions on soil quality (IFS Agronomic Conference, 2015).