DC-Agri project bulletins and useful links

DC-Agri is a four year research project looking at the use of quality anaerobic digestate (biofertiliser) and compost in agriculture, integrated with an extensive knowledge exchange network. The project is funded jointly by Defra, WRAP, WRAP Cymru and Zero Waste Scotland.

DC-Agri bulletin

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Guidance on fertiliser planning – useful links

MANNER-NPK is a practical software tool that provides farmers and advisers with a quick estimate of crop available nitrogen, phosphate and potash supply from applications of organic manure, including digestate and compost.

Zero Waste Scotland has published a farmer’s guide to sourcing and using digestate and compost.

The NFU’s member guide ‘Know what’s going on your land:A Checklist for Landspreading Waste’, outlines the main questions which can be asked to help determine whether the waste accepted to spread onto  land is of the same specification as that agreed.

SRUC Technical Note TN650 provides guidance for Scottishfarmers on optimising the application of bulky organic fertilisers, including digestate and compost. 

Tried & Tested provides tools and resources that are designed to assist farmers and their advisers in improving farm nutrient management in a cost effective and practical way.

PLANET (Planning Land Applications of Nutrients for Efficiency and the environmenT) is a nutrient management decision support tool for use by farmers and advisers in England/Wales and Scotland for field level nutrient planning and for assessing and demonstrating compliance with the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) rules.

The Fertiliser Manual (RB209) offers best practice guidance in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on application of mineral fertilisers, manures and slurries to crops and grassland.