The Courtauld
Commitment 2025

Cutting the cost of food and drink.
Helping the UK achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.

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Ambitious, collaborative action to cut the resource needed to provide our food and drink by one-fifth over ten years

What is Courtauld 2025?

Why do we need to act?

  • More than 2bn extra people to feed by 2050
  • Food supply in 2050 could contribute 2℃ to global warming
  • Right now for every two tonnes we eat, another tonne is wasted
  • 8 of the top 10 countries we import food from are drought prone
The case for action

By working together everyone benefits

Collaborative action across UK food and drink

from producer to consumer

Who's involved?

How will we achieve the targets?

Courtauld 2025 signatories will inspire action and evoke change across four themes

Courtauld 2025 helps deliver the objectives of COP 21, and puts the UK on track to reduce food waste by half, in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3

Read the Courtauld Commitment 2025 Annual Review 2016-17, which includes information on the campaigns, pilot projects, research and other activities from the first year of the agreement.

Watch our video to find out why food businesses are taking collaborative action to tackle food waste through Courtauld 2025

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