Courtauld 2025: The case for action

We need to drive a step change in the sustainable production and consumption of food and drink.  Demand is rising, both in the UK and globally, and the UK food and drink supply chain will be subject to increasing volatility.  

For example:

  • Meeting global food demand for 2050, using today’s methods, could increase global temperatures by 2℃, changing weather patterns.
  • Eight of the top 10 countries we import food from are drought prone.
  • For every three tonnes we eat in the UK, another tonne goes to waste. We currently waste over £19 billion of food per year.

Businesses need to develop more efficient and innovative value chains if they are to become more competitive and increase their resilience to volatile market conditions.

Great progress has already been made through Courtauld Commitments 1, 2 and 3, and the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement. But our collective work is not done. Courtauld 2025 will build on the momentum we already have, collectively tackling challenges too big to meet alone.