Consultation - Updating guidance to food businesses on the application of date marks and related advice

6th July 2017

WRAP, the Food Standards Agency and Defra have drafted updated guidance for the use of date labels and related consumer advice.

The draft guidance has been informed by discussions with a range of food and redistribution organisations
A consultation is now open to help shape the content, format and promotion of the new guidance
The draft guidance is available for review and comment until 3rd August 2017

As announced in February 2017, WRAP is working with UK Governments and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to update industry guidance on the application of on-pack date and related advice (storage and freezing guidance).

The guidance aims to assist further reductions in food waste at home and remove key barriers to redistribution. It will cover:

  • What the different date labels mean, and how best to decide which date to apply in relation to curtailing food waste (and the consequences of this decision);
  • The importance of maximising both ‘closed’ and ‘open’ life, whilst ensuring quality and safety are maintained;
  • The importance of correct storage guidance, including fridge temperature and freezing advice; and
  • What can (and cannot) be done as the date approaches / is past (for sale / redistribution).

The consultation is open to all, and we are particularly interested in hearing from large and small food businesses from the retail and hospitality and foodservice sectors, food producers and manufacturers, those involved in the redistribution of food surplus and those responsible for enforcement of food safety regulations.

You can download the draft guidance here. It is available for review and comment until 3rd August [4 weeks in total].

How to participate in the consultation

  1. Download the  draft guidance.
  2. Provide your feedback and comments via the online survey before 3rd August 2017. 

Please note that the survey needs to be completed in one sitting so please do allow sufficient time for completion. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. A pdf version of the survey questions is available to enable respondents to review all of the questions ahead of completing the online survey.


Data protection

WRAP will not use your contact details for any purposes other than directly related to this consultation. Any feedback you provide will remain anonymous when the draft guidance is updated and published. For further information see WRAP’s privacy policy.

Next steps

WRAP is planning to publish a short summary of the feedback from the consultation in Autumn 2017. We  plan to publish the completed guidance later in 2017.