Collection of non-clothing textiles (CFR001-008)

Closing date: 
12 October, 2012 - 13:30

The purpose of the work is to determine the collection options and costs (for re-use and recycling) for non-clothing textiles – mattresses, carpets, pillows and duvets – from households and businesses. The project is to provide information and guidance to organisations in England, Scotland and Wales that may be considering collecting or improving collections of non-clothing textiles for re-use and recycling.

The scope of the work requires a report to be produced providing a summary of the barriers, opportunities, costed options/opportunities and key success factors of collection schemes. Separate sections within the main report are required detailing collection options and costs for England, Scotland, Wales and London. A number of case studies are to be produced detailing collection and treatment costs including at least one each from England, Scotland, Wales and London, and one for each collection option taken forward.

Collection options to be examined are likely to include but are not limited to:
•             Separate kerbside or business collections
•             HWRCs
•             Separation at a transfer station
•             Retailer take-back schemes
•             Co-collection with other items such as bulky waste or other textiles

For the purpose of this work, non-clothing textiles are primarily mattresses, carpets, pillows and duvets. The focus of this work is not household linens such as pillow cases, sheets, table cloths, curtains etc. or soft furnishings such as sofas but these may be included where opportunities are identified to co-collect these items with the non-clothing textiles covered by this tender.