Collection and Recycling of Food Waste

Research and information on collecting and recycling food waste.

Diversion of food waste from disposal is becoming a priority for local authorities in the UK. As at May 2011 47% of local authorities in the UK were providing a food waste collection service to householders and an increasing number are looking to collect food waste from small businesses and schools.

WRAP has information on collecting household food waste and a lot of that information draws on the experience gained from WRAP supported food waste collection trials over the period January 2007 to March 2009.

There are key studies commissioned by WRAP on the nature and scale of food waste together with ways of dealing with food waste.  Studies on managing food and garden waste go into the cost benefit analysis for dealing with food and garden waste and on the performance of mixed food and garden waste collections.

A summary report and a full report on the findings of a research project to better understand the nature and types of food waste in schools; the reasons why food is wasted in schools and the impact of interventions developed to help schools to reduce this waste.

In November 2013 WRAP published new estimates on how much food and drink is disposed annually from UK households. The breakdown of avoidable food and drink waste has been updated along with the associated value and environmental impact figures.