Certification bodies and scheme administrators

Certification Bodies
All certification bodies which operate this scheme must be accredited by UKAS* (or an equivalent National Accreditation Body) to EN 45011 General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems, or any amendments thereto. Where certification to this scheme is offered in other jurisdictions, either UKAS or the National Accreditation Body shall accredit the certification body.

Certification bodies aiming to include the reuse operator scheme within their accredited scope shall contact the United Kingdom Accreditation Service if located in the UK, or their national accreditation body if located outside the UK.

United Kingdom Accreditation Service
21-47 High Street,
TW13 4UN

Tel: 020 8917 8400
Email: info@ukas.com

Certification bodies accredited to this scheme, must then apply to, and receive approval from the scheme administrator to operate the scheme.

The role of a Certification Body is to provide an independent accredited certification service for treatment facilities wishing to gain PAS 141 certification. This is done through an audit of the re-use facility and its systems to ensure they meet the standard.

Once a Certification Body awards PAS 141 status to an organisation, they must advise the Scheme Administrator.  The Scheme Administrator then registers the award and issues the PAS 141 mark and associated documentation upon presentation of a photocopy of the re-use organisation’s certificate and payment (both from the re-use operator).

Scheme Administrator
The re-use operator scheme is administered by Valpak Ltd on behalf of BIS. The role of the scheme administrator is as follows:

• Monitoring the scheme performance and reporting;
• Managing, operating and maintaining the Technical Advisory Committee for the scheme;
• operating the scheme and providing up-to-date, accurate information to the certification bodies, the Technical Advisory Committee and BIS;
• Arranging and selling official REEE mark;
• Monitoring standards and amending or otherwise maintaining the certification requirements and associated documentation;
• Providing specialist technical help regarding the scheme to certification bodies;
• Promoting and marketing the scheme including maintaining a website.

The fees paid by re-use organisations for the use of the PAS 141 REEE mark, are used to help contribute to the on-going management of the certification scheme by the scheme administrator in a fair and equitable manner.

*UKAS is the sole accreditation body in the United Kingdom recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection, and calibration services.

Carys White

Scheme Administrator
08450 682572