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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Carbon Ready Reckoner
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Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Use of the Carbon Ready Reckoner
The CRR is a tool which allows investigation of different design options but does not make calculations of the whole of the life cycle for any given design. Furthermore, the carbon emissions factors used within the CRR are generally based on industrial averages and may not necessarily correspond to those of a particular supply chain. The CRR therefore cannot be used to derive life cycle data for a packaging system and must not under any circumstances be used to establish or promote an environmental product declaration. The outputs provided by the CRR should not be used in any communications with customers about environmental characteristics of a particular packaging system. By using the CRR, the user accepts these limitations and warrants that the CRR shall be used solely for its intended purpose: to investigate different design options. The user accepts use of the CRR tool as is.

WRAP has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that the calculations made by the CRR are correct, within the bounds of the assumptions and simplifications built into the tool, and can accept no responsibility for the use outside of the parameters contained in the user manual.

WRAP shall not access or use any data or information inputted to the CRR by users.