Capital Grant Funding

When a strategic need or market failure has been identified by WRAP, capital grants are made available to help address this shortfall. Capital grants are available in two ways:

De Minimis Funding

This support is offered under an element of European Community State Aid rules known as de minimis (EC regulation EC/1998/2006 – ‘de minimis’ aid regulation). De minimis regulations allow provision of financial support of up to €200,000 (currently equivalent to £172,000) per company within a rolling three year fiscal period. It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to ensure that this limit is not exceeded. These programmes operate on a rolling basis within a financial year – 1 April to 31 March.

WRAP’s EU Cleared Scheme

Grants are offered under WRAP’s Capital Grants and Lease Guarantee Fund Scheme (State Aid Notification N517/2010). These grants are subject to EU State Aid legislation and are assessed on a competitive basis against laid down criteria and are operated with a specific launch date and deadline date for applications. They do not operate on a rolling basis.