Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council separate food waste collection trial

Profile of WRAP funded trial of separate food waste collections 2007-2009.  As well as providing financial support, WRAP provided advice on the design and roll out of the trials and on communications materials.

Details of trial

  • Collection start date: 21 May 2007
  • Collection frequency: Weekly
  • Collection containers: 7 litre kitchen caddy and 20 litre kerbside bucket
  • Description of trial area: 6,546 houses in urban/suburban area
  • Liners provided: Yes
  • Support supplied by WRAP: Communication and publicity. Liners. Staff and vehicle costs. Container distribution costs.  Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Collection vehicle used: White Farrid body on Iveco chassis, GVW 7.5 tonne, partial compaction
  • Collection Contractor: Fosca Services (UK) Ltd
  • IVC facility being used and location: TEG, Todmorden, Halifax

Background information

  • Local authority size: 192,404 people.  Eighty per cent of the area is rural with 24% of the population living rurally.
  • Existing food waste collections: None
  • Exisiting garden waste collections: None
  • Refuse Collection – frequency and containers used: Weekly, back door, black bag.
  • Recycling Collection – frequency and containers used: Fortnightly, glass and paper plus other multi material collections by Kerbside Calderdale a not for profit community company.

Communications - examples of communication materials used by the council 

Food waste collection trial leaflet:

Calderdale - food_waste_instructions_v7 (8823 kb) [ADD LINK]

Calderdale - intro_spreads (3889 kb)

Caddy sticker:

Calderdale - food_waste_sticker (513 kb)

Contamination sticker:

Calderdale - Final_Tie (466 kb)