Buying Guides for Durability and Repair

WRAP has developed buying guidance for five electrical product categories to help product brand manufacturers and high street retail buyers produce and procure more resource-efficient products that last longer, can be more easily repaired and have greater environmental benefits.  

Significant environmental benefits in achieved by extending the lifetime of electrical products – particularly televisions and ICT equipment that have high production impacts, and tend to be replaced more frequently for newer technology. Products that are higher quality and designed to be more durable are also more likely to encourage consumer trust in brands.

The guides focus on the most beneficial design specifications that can be ‘easy to achieve’ within existing product price-point constraints – they also include more detail for companies wanting to achieve more ambitious environmental benefits.

The buying guides cover:

Case studies

Each product category is supported by a case study demonstrating how best practice specifications have been achieved by Hewlett-Packard, Dyson, Siemens, Bosch and B&Q.

The buying guides were developed with retailers, brand manufacturers and the repair industry to identify design specifications that can be applied across product price-points to make them more durable and repairable