The Business Recycling and Waste Services Commitment

The Business Recycling and Waste Services Commitment will help you improve your business customers' satisfaction with how their rubbish and recycling is collected and ultimately boost recycling rates.

The commitment sets out in plain English 12 principles which should underlie a business recycling and waste service. It offers you a chance to demonstrate to customers your commitment to:

  • Making recycling easy;
  • Providing value for money;
  • Consulting on and clearly communicating their services;
  • Reduced mis-use of household services; and
  • Reducing waste to landfill.

You can sign up to all or some of the principles, and can do so even if you don't directly provide recycling and waste services.

Signing up to the commitment

You can edit the commitment and adopt a bespoke version that reflects your local circumstances.

The principles are about:

  • Reliable and regular collections;
  • Collection services tailored to meet the needs of your customers;
  • Clear information about your recycling service;
  • Providing access to household waste and recycling centres for businesses;
  • Contracts managed by following the principles of best practice;
  • Reasonable and clear fees;
  • Guidance for businesses on responsibilities for waste management;
  • Providing directory of local waste and recycling services;
  • Helping businesses to donate unwanted items for reuse or buying quality second-hand products;
  • Sensible approaches to enforcement;
  • Providing easy ways to gather feedback; and
  • A commitment to continuous improvement.

Next steps
Find out who else has signed up to the Commitment and see how you can sign up too.