Bulky Waste Re-use Partners in Shropshire

Procurement of a new private finance initiative (PFI) contract in 2007 has allowed Shropshire Council to introduce a successful new approach to handling bulky waste collections, resulting in environmental and social gains.

The former Shropshire Waste Partnership encouraged preferred bidders to look at working with third sector parties, and the winning contractor, Veolia ES Shropshire, now subcontracts bulky waste activity to three social enterprises that work together to serve the whole authority.

Critical to this success was the decision to ensure the PFI contract allowed third sector involvement, resulting in a solution where most re-use collections operate outside the remit of the contract.

There is now a single bulky waste collection scheme provided to 132,000 households, with significant improvements in bulky waste re-use and recycling rates and the immediate prospect of further increases.

Four jobs have been created and four saved as a direct result of the bulky waste contract, with many more opportunities for volunteering, work experience and skills learning. In 2010/11 the service made over 1,800 collections for items unsuitable for immediate re-use, and 5 - 6,000 collections outside the PFI contract for items ready to be re-used.

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