Bulky Waste Re-use Partners in Monmouthshire

The social enterprise Homemakers has provided household bulky waste collections across Monmouthshire since 2005, when the charity entered into a service level agreement (SLA) with Monmouthshire County Council. By opting for an SLA, the council could choose to work with a local organisation to meet wider social and environmental objectives.

Homemakers’ service prioritises re-use and recycling, and suitable household items are refurbished for sale to local residents at affordable prices.

The charity receives the £12 fee paid by residents for collection, plus a payment from the council for every tonne of bulky waste diverted from landfill. This additional payment is used to undertake local awareness raising events to promote re-use and recycling. Monmouthshire has amongst the lowest levels of residual household waste per person in Wales.

The arrangement sees approximately 5 - 6 tonnes of bulky waste diverted from landfill per month, with 2,000 collections per year on behalf of the council and 1,200 through direct contact with the public.

The close relationship between the council and the charity has been central to its success, for the benefit of the environment and local people.

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