Bulky Waste Re-use Partners in Glasgow

Upgrading of Glasgow City Council’s recycling centres provided the opportunity to improve the system for segregating re-usable items and increase diversion from landfill.

In 2011 the council signed a contract with the social enterprise Glasgow Furniture Initiative to operate re-use areas at the recycling centres. Dedicated re-use containers are used for suitable items brought by householders and from the council’s in-house bulky waste collection service.

This has resulted in 1,200 tonnes of furniture being diverted from landfill in 2010/11, and in turn over 12,000 households benefiting from re-used furniture and other household items.

Glasgow Furniture Initiative is paid per collection from the recycling centres. The contract has contributed to the financial stability of the charity, and allowed it to employ full-time staff and volunteers and provide community placements.

A parallel trial sees the charity making household collections of unwanted cookers and washing machines on behalf of the council. The collected items are re-used or sent for recycling where re-use is not possible.