Bulky waste guidance - definition

Definition of bulky waste, reuse and preparation for reuse and what is reusable and recyclable.


There are a number of definitions in use to describe bulky waste, reuse and recycling. This section looks at the definitions being used and the legislation that defines these terms. Whichever definition is used it is important to clearly states this for all stakeholders.

There is also a glossary for other key terms used in this guidance.

What is reusable and recyclable

The starting point to plan for an increase in the diversion of bulky waste is to determine howmuch can be diverted. This section provides information of what is reusable directly, i.e. without repair, what is reusable with repair and what can be recycled. The amount diverted in practice depends on a number of factors; the collection methods used, the nature of your area and the markets available.