Bulky waste case studies

A number of local authorities, charitable organisations and waste management contractors have successfully reduced waste being sent to landfill while creating job opportunities, community benefits, cost savings and making affordable goods available.

You may find our Bulky Waste Guidance of interest, along with some more specific case studies relating to Bulky Waste.

These include collections of bulky items for re-use and recycling:

  • Belfast diverting waste from landfill, creating cost savings and creating jobs and training;
  • Brighton & Hove increasing re-use and diverting waste from landfill;
  • Doncaster creating greater diversion of waste from landfill, disposal cost savings, better provision of affordable goods to local people and new job opportunities;
  • Dorset diverting waste from landfill, providing low cost or free furniture to local communities in need, and creating training and volunteering opportunities ;
  • Glasgow diverting waste from landfill, aiding financial stability and creating jobs;
  • Highlands producing jobs, work experience and support to disadvantaged groups;
  • Lancaster increasing re-use and recycling rates and creating volunteering opportunities and work experience for local people;
  • Monmouthshire diverting waste from landfill for the benefit of the environment and local people;
  • Rhondda Cynon Taf creating social benefits, job opportunities, increasing charity profits and reducing waste send to landfill; and
  • Shropshire resulting in environmental and social gains.