Brownfield case study - Ravenscraig

Ravenscraig, a former steelworks site in Scotland, covers 455 hectares and is probably the largest brownfield site in the UK. Following its closure in 1992, the owner began a programme of demolition and decontamination so that the site could be re-developed for housing, leisure, education and industry.

The site was depleted of topsoil which meant that an appropriate soil replacement needed to be manufactured for use on the project. Locally sourced BSI PAS 100 compost and chipped bark were mixed in varying amounts with indigenous material to produce seven topsoil mixtures. Small scale product trials were then conducted to assess the quality of the different topsoil mixtures and the health of vegetation that established. When the best performing mix was ascertained, it was manufactured on a greater scale and applied over a 2 ha woodland site.