Brownfield case study - Cross Lane

The Forestry Commission's Newlands project was launched in 2003 and is a unique scheme that is reclaiming large areas of derelict, underused and neglected land across England’s North West, and transforming it into thriving, durable, community woodlands. Cross Lane tip is a 14.4ha former landfill site to the west of Liverpool which has been reclaimed as part of this scheme.

When it closed in 1978, the Cross Lane landfill was poorly restored, with thin subsoil capping the landfill contents. Silt (from a nearby lake restoration project) and sandy subsoil (from a local redevelopment project) have been combined with quality compost to create new soil horizons capable of supporting diverse native wildflower meadows within the newly wooded areas.

Site before compost application


Site after compost application