Broadland District Council separate food waste collection trial

Profile of WRAP funded trial of separate food waste collections 2007-2009.  As well as providing financial support, WRAP provided advice on the design and roll out of the trials and on communications materials.

Details of trial

  • Collection start date: 31 March 2008
  • Collection frequency: Weekly
  • Collection containers: 7 litre kitchen caddy and 21 litre kerbside container
  • Description of trial area: The trial serves about 6,000 households on the urban fringes of Norwich. The housing is predominantly suburban low density with a range of household types and socio-economic status.
  • Liners provided: Compostable liners are supplied free of charge for the duration of the trial. They were delivered initially with the bins and thereafter as requested.
  • Support supplied by WRAP: Scheme design advice.  Communications support.  Purchase of liners. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Collection vehicle used: Faun 7.5t Minimatic rear loaded
  • Collection contractor: Veolia Environmental Services
  • IVC facility being used and location: Banham Compost Ltd, Carleton Rode, South Norfolk

Background information

  • Local Authority Size: 53,000
  • Existing food waste collections: None
  • Existing garden waste collections: Opt in chargeable service available to all householders. It is a fortnightly collection using a 240l bin and 17,800 households subscribe.
  • Refuse Collection – frequency and containers used: Broadland operate alternate weekly collections. 240l bins are used for residual waste which is collected on alternate weeks to the recycling bins.
  • Recycling Collection - frequency and containers used: 240l bins - co-mingled mixed recyclables are sorted at the Norwich MRF