Barriers to recycling at home - evidence review

A summary of evidence since WRAP’s Barriers to recycling at home research was published in 2008. The review identifies recent insights on the most prevalent barriers and highlights new themes now emerging.

In 2008 WRAP published a report on the barriers to recycling at home. The 2008 report set out a structured, four-part framework for analysing and interpreting the barriers to recycling at home, and developing communications to address them. 

Since 2008 the recycling environment has developed rapidly in the UK. Recycling rates have improved, the kerbside recycling infrastructure and reprocessing technologies have evolved, the quality of recyclate is becoming more important, and the UK’s socio-demographic environment is changing.

Review of evidence

In the light of these changes, WRAP has commissioned a further review of research evidence, in order to update and improve the evidence on barriers to recycling in the period 2008-13.

The aim is to identify the extent to which the barriers to recycling have changed since WRAP’s 2008 research, and to synthesise current knowledge of the principal barriers and the implications for overcoming them.

This report presents the findings from this evidence review. Academic, practitioner and grey literature sources have been searched and the evidence systematically brought together within this synthesis report.

The report sets out:

  • the background to the work, and how the review was conducted;
  • the main changes and developments in knowledge about barriers since 2008; and
  • the synthesised knowledge set out against the key lines of enquiry specified by WRAP for this study.