Baader food processing machinery

Baader Food Processing Machinery


Contact details: Baader UK Ltd, Suite 3 - Nautilus House, Prospect Point, 35 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, AB11 5 BS

Telephone: 01224 597 320

Fax: 0 1224 597 321

Mobile: 0 7850 091 956


Contact: Anders Lorentzen -

Country: Germany 

Technical Specification

Typical applications include:

  • Partly damaged goods
  • Shelf life expired articles
  • Packages of commercial size and geometry made of cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminium foil composite film with pasty to liquid contents          

Operating principle: Flexible squeezing belt takes the pre-crushed packages towards a rotating perforated drum. The soft contents penetrate the perforation and the residues of the packages are scraped off the outer drum shell.

Available models: Baader 600,601,603,605, 607 

Throughput capacity (m3/h): Values vary considerably depending on the hole size in the perforated drum, the type of feeding, the product and its pre-treatment.

Separation efficiency (%): Approx up to 97%

Speed (rpm): Not provided

Power requirements (kW): 2.2 -9.2kW depending of type of machine

Dimensions h x l(mm): 1595 x 1170 to 1870 x 1685

Base package includes: Machine, feeding unit and spare parts

Fabrication: BAADER

Layout: Customer made on request

Anticipated delivery time: 1 to 3 month

Guarantees provided by the supplier: 12 months

Price range (£): 30.000 - 200.000 EURO

Annual operating costs for maintenance and consumables (%): Approx 5%, depending on working hours and raw material

References: World wide by the biggest companies

Estimated Maintenance cost £/a or % of purchase price: The approx. 5% is estimated cost for maintenance, and calculated out from the purchase price of the Machine.

Required service Intervals (monthly or annually): You need to take care of the machine on a daily basis, recommended service every 6 month at approx. 8 hours production per day.

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