Using the procurement process to drive resource efficient construction

Our procurement approach is flexible and appropriate to all construction projects. It can be used by a diverse range of practitioners including clients, contractors and designers, and specialists such as cost managers or project managers. 

The guidance does not necessitate detailed revision to contract documents. Instead a single contract clause references the Policy Statement and Project Specific Resource Efficiency Brief which set the requirements for the components of resource efficiency to be addressed.

To support you we have developed model wording and example documents which can be adopted within your organisation and projects.  Examples are provided to enable you to modify your existing documents - it is not intended that our documents will replace or duplicate documents you already have. 

The diagram below illustrates the approach:

Resource efficient procurement

See also our frequently asked questions relating to resource efficiency and procurement.

Note: This guidance focuses on the design and construction phases of a project. Separate procurement guidance is available for Facilities Management.