AD Loan Fund

The Anaerobic Digestion Loan Fund (ADLF) is a £10m fund designed to support the development of new AD capacity in England.  The fund aims to support 300,000 tonnes of annual capacity to divert food waste from landfill by 2015.


In October 2013 we launched the 'On-Farm AD Fund', for more information or to register your interest in this on this area; please see the related links.

The ADLF offers direct financial support to organisations building new AD capacity in England.

The ADLF aims to ensure that food waste is diverted from landfill or from other, less environmentally sustainable operations, up the waste hierarchy.  The purpose of the loan fund is to leverage or top up private sector funding (not to replace it) or to materially accelerate the projects.

If you have a project to develop AD processing capacity and are finding it difficult to obtain asset finance from the usual commercial sources, WRAP may be able to help.

Investment Objectives

The fund can provide secured loans for capital expenditure.  The typical maximum loan is £1m, requests for loans above this will be considered only at the discretion of the Investment Committee.

The maximum term of the loan is fives year though WRAP seeks to recycle capital as quickly as possible so early repayment or shorter terms are regarded favourably.

Apply for an ADLF

Your project must meet certain eligibility criteria. Please complete the ADLF Eligibility Checklist to ascertain your eligibility and request an ADLF application form.

Investment levels

Minimum of £50,000 and a maximum of £1,000,000


Please read the ADLF Product Information Form for full details of fees which will be incurred.


The ADLF will be administred by the Accelerating Growth Fund Ltd (Registration Number 4698093), a wholly owned subsidiary of WRAP.

For full details, download the ADLF Product Information Form