4 steps to reduce waste and save money for hospitality and food service businesses

Step 2 helped you to identify the main areas you need to focus on and build an action plan. Now you will need to involve your team to make the changes required to reduce the food currently wasted.

In this step you will need to work through the following actions:

  • Get your team on board and keep them informed
  • Make the changes
  • Encourage and motivate

Get your team on board and keep them informed

  • Explain what changes need to take place
  • Provide training to staff who need it
  • Find ways to remove any barriers
  • Make sure staff have the equipment and facilities they need
  • Change procedures if you need to
  • Use suggestion boxes or team meetings to get new ideas
  • Keep managers informed of progress to ensure their continued support
  • Share achievements with the team and explain the next steps

Behaviour change and internal communications

For advice on how to get everyone on board, download the guide Workforce Partnerships for Resource Efficiency

The Green Champions training from Resource Efficient Scotland provides you with additional information on how to bring about change in your business. 

The guidance provided on these web pages is in our interactive toolkit, Reducing Food Waste: Starting Off.

Make the changes

  • Talk through any new procedures and discuss concerns
  • Provide instructions to staff on what needs to be done differently
  • Use posters and checklists to reinforce instructions

Checklists and tracking sheets 

Encourage and motivate

  • Set-up staff recognition or reward schemes and run competitions
  • Make budget available to support these activities
  • Encourage staff to support each other 
  • Make sure new procedures are followed and recognise efforts
Further support

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