Eat Well Waste Less pilot study

Supporting the findings in the Healthy Sustainable Eating and Food Waste research, workshops were run with two community groups to explore food consumption and food waste generation in lower income groups.

Participants were helped to make best use of their food budget and the food they buy. The workshops were aimed at helping people:

  • increase the consumption of foods such as fruit, and vegetables, nuts, pulses, and wholegrains, based on the UK Government’s Eatwell Guide;
  • get advice on portioning, using leftovers, shopping smarter to reduce costs; and
  • reduce the quantity of food waste generated.

Most participants (74%) made changes to their diet, in line with the workshop guidance on healthy sustainable eating. There was a 73% increase in the number eating ‘5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables. Overall the amount of food wasted reduced by 7%.

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