Recycle Now Refresh

5th December 2016

This guidance presents a summary of key findings from research to support the Recycle Now refresh in England, undertaken on behalf of WRAP by Icaro. 

Key brand messages
A focus on specific, local benefits – where specific claims can be made, these have powerful stand out value and therefore have the potential to be very effective headline messages
A focus on materials – these are very well received and address households’ uncertainty about specific materials



This work has informed the two year Recycle Now strategy and plan. The objective of the research was to test a series of messages and materials and advise how they could be developed and refined to be sufficiently motivating to elicit changes in recycling behaviour.

The research involved four phases of work – two qualitative (focus groups) and two quantitative (an online survey and a face-to-face in-home survey in two pilot areas). The purpose of this report is to provide a synthesis of the key findings – specifically in relation dry recyclables only.

To detail the findings from this research, WRAP has published a guidance document detailing a two-year strategy, a report on the testing of Recycle Now communications materials and an infographic showing a quick snapshot of the results:


Recycle Now Strategy & Outline Plan 2015 -2017

This document sets out a two-year strategy and outline plan for the delivery of the Recycle Now campaign between April 2015 – 2017.

It includes an overview of the strategy, outlines the key actions, priority themes and activities, and provides milestones for delivery.

The key principles underpinning the two year strategy are:

  • to contribute to recycling 50% of the UK’s household waste by 2020.
  • to contribute to meeting UK packaging recycling targets.
  • to encourage consumers to recycle more of the right things, every time from all around the home to increase recognition of the Recycle Now brand.

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Strategy context >>
Benefits and barriers >>
Behavioural goal >>
Key motivators and messages >>
Strategic delivery framework >>
Action areas >>

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Recycle Now materials communication testing

WRAP is responsible for the Recycle Now brand and associated communications materials. WRAP worked with the creative agency Corporate Culture to develop a new strategy for Recycle Now for a number of reasons:

  • To have a longer term approach to the development of the Recycle Now campaign.
  • To integrate the results of recent WRAP research into the communication messages and materials.
  • To target the resources available to leverage the most benefit in terms of increased recycling.
  • To engage stakeholders both internally and external in the development of Recycle Now.

The key audience for the campaign in the next two years, as detailed by the Recycle Now Strategy, is existing recyclers who could be more effective (i.e. people who are recycling but have the potential to recycle more).

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Introduction >>
Background >>
Methodology >>
Materials and messages >>
Key findings:
1.0 Many recyclers acknowledge room for improvement  >>
2.0 Receptivity to messages is guided by experience and service delivery >>
3.0 What messages are effective? >>
4.0 Reactions to the leaflet >>
5.0 Assessing the impact of the leaflet in the pilots >>
6.0 Conclusions >>

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Recycle Now refresh infographic

To gain a quick understanding of the Recycle Now refresh at a glance, we’ve produced an infographic detailing the different phases of the project and the key messages that came from the communications material testing.


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