Market Snapshot: September 2015

11th January 2017

WRAP's Market Snapshot provides an overview of recent developments in recovered material markets and is updated on a regular basis.

Key points:
Developments in UK recovered material markets have been mixed since April 2015 with recovered paper and board prices generally rising
In contrast, metal can prices in particular have seen sharp declines
Natural HDPE bottle prices rose 20% to around £460 per tonne between April and August, supported by high virgin HDPE polymer prices in Europe. Clear PET bottle and mixed polymer bottle prices fell 5%
Aluminium and steel can prices are down 13% and 31% respectively since April
Wood waste gate fees (low grade) are stable at £55 per tonne




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News & PAM prices are broadly stable since April at £75 per tonne. OCC prices rose 12% to almost £75 per tonne while mixed paper and board prices increased by 38% to £55 per tonne.

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Recovered plastic bottle price trends between April and August were mixed. Natural HDPE bottle prices rose 20% to around £460 per tonne with the strength of virgin HDPE polymer prices in Europe likely to be the main driver. Mixed HDPE bottle prices are up 8% over the same period. In contrast clear PET bottle prices and mixed polymer prices fell 5%. Finally, LDPE 98:2 film prices fell almost 15% to £240 per tonne by the end of August.

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Recovered glass prices are broadly unchanged since April with clear at £20 per tonne, amber around £15 per tonne and green £5 per tonne.

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Recovered textile prices fell marginally between April and August 2015 with textiles sourced from banks valued at around £250 per tonne while charity shop textiles (the value that a charity receives for charity shop clothing sold to merchants that collect the garments from the shop) valued at around £300 per tonne.

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Aluminium and steel

Recovered aluminium can prices fell by 13% since April to around £700 per tonne. Steel can prices fell by 31% to £60 per tonne and mixed can prices dropped 22% to £90 per tonne. The fall in steel can prices mirrors the recent fall in ferrous scrap metal prices, which in turn have responded to lower iron ore prices.

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Recovered wood gate fees remain high at around £55 per tonne for low grade material. Low biomass demand in southern England, partly due to recent paper mill closures combined with low export demand are thought to be behind the high gate fees.

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