Market Snapshot June 2017

18th October 2017

WRAP's Market Snapshot provides an overview of recent developments in recovered material markets and is updated on a regular basis.

Key points:
Recovered glass container prices are broadly unchanged during the first quarter of 2017
Steel can prices have continued to remain high, despite the recent weakness in the price of iron ore

Uncertainty over Chinese import restrictions affected both recovered paper and plastic markets during the second quarter. Mixed paper and board prices fell by 20% on fears that tighter restrictions on the import of containers of mixed and contaminated recovered materials would not be allowed into China. Meanwhile, the price of mixed rigid plastics and carrier bags fell due to the risk that it would not be accepted by Chinese port authorities. UK exports of recovered paper and plastic in the five months to May were significantly above 2013 levels (when China last introduced a crackdown on import restrictions under the name Operation Green Fence).