Gate Fee Reports

WRAP’s Gate Fees Report summarises the gate fees charged for a range of waste treatment, recovery and disposal options.

What can my organisation do?

WRAP’s Gate Fees Reports allows your organisation discover whether your waste management company or local authority is getting value for money from their reprocessor.

Gate Fees Report 2018

Find our latest Gate Fees Report, detailing all the latest market information over the last year:

Gate Fees Report 2018: comparing the costs of waste treatment options
View the data by region and facility (interactive map)

Gate Fees Report 2017

Gate Fees Report 2017: comparing the costs of waste treatment options
Gate Fees Report 2017 Infographic (pdf)

Gate Fee Report 2016

Gate Fee Report 2016
Gate Fee Infographic 2016

Gate Fee Reports 2011 – 2015

Gate Fee Report 2015
Gate Fee Report 2014
Gate Fee Report 2013
Gate Fee Report 2012
Gate Fee Report 2011

Where next?

Want to know more about gate fees in recovered materials markets? Take a look at our reports, guides, tools and case studies for further information:

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