Anaerobic Digestion Economic Modelling Report

13th December 2016

This project reviewed a number of these modelling/planning tools and considered what the models are designed to do, what questions they answer and whether there are any gaps.



There are a number of free and fee-paid anaerobic digestion (AD) financial business modelling/planning tools available for businesses and organisations who are interested in developing AD capacity in the UK.

By reporting against a set series of questions all the models can be compared on an equal basis and by focussing on which of these questions they can answer, whether the approach used by the model has any limitations.

Sensitivity analyses were run on models which had explicit financial outputs to provide an understanding of the potential impact that individual input parameters might have on a model’s overall financial performance.

The information in this report should help those who may have an interest in developing AD in the UK. It also provides information for established AD operators who want to use business modelling tools to improve their financial performance.

The report concludes that there are a wide variety of models available, including some which are available without charge covering all of the inputs, outputs, target users, processes and purposes expected to be seen in such models.

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