Working with Retailers to Increase Use of Sustainable Growing Media

13th December 2016

WRAP has been supporting UK retailers of bagged growing media, plants and field horticultural products to join the transition to a more sustainable growing media industry.



WRAP’s project ‘Supporting retailers to increase their use of sustainable growing media’ aimed to prepare retailers for the adoption of the new sustainability criteria and to continue their focus on peat reduction in their growing media products ahead initiatives published under the Sustainable Growing Media Task Force and the subsequent Growing Media Panel.

This project is now closed, but you can still find all the research and resources  developed as part of this project by using the chapters below:





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Retailers’ Guide to Reducing Peat in Growing Media

This guide outlines the practical steps a retailer can take to understand the issues and ultimately minimise their impact on peat. It explains some of the drivers for change within the horticultural industry such as the issues caused by the extraction of peat, the UK Government’s targets in peat reduction, through to identifying what best practice looks like for the responsible retailing of growing media

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Introduction >>
What is peat? >>
Why are the retailers using less peat? >>
How do I reduce peat in my business? >>
Final word from the Sustainable Growing Media Taskforce >>

Infographic: How your growing media is sourced?

A key aim of this project was to inform retailers about how different types of growing media are sourced.

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Latest research in sustainable growing media

For over 10 years, WRAP has been committed to improving the quality and availability of PAS100 composts, developing markets for composts, increasing the use of composts in growing media and increasing the use of compost-included growing media in both amateur and professional horticulture.

This work concerns quality composts that are PAS100-compliant, which have been made by compost producers accredited through the UK compost quality certification scheme. This project mainly concerns composts made solely from source-segregated green or garden wastes, although in some cases the composts discussed have been made from a mixture of green wastes and source-segregated food or food processing wastes.

Read the full report >> #120

Good practice guide and factsheet in sustainable growing media and supply chains

This guide provides practical advice to compost producers about the production of quality composts that are consistently fit for purpose as growing media constituents. It also aims to inform growing media manufacturers and growers about quality composts and how they can be used in growing media.

Read the full report >> #121
Download the factsheet >>

Growforward bulletins

Regular Growforward bulletins provide regular updates from the Growing Media Panel and information on how retaliers can improve the quality of their growing media.

Growforward Edition 1 >>
Growforward Edition 2 >>
Growforward Edition 3 >>

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