Compost & Anaerobic Digestate Quality for Welsh Agriculture

13th December 2016

This report was commissioned to close gaps in understanding of compost and digestate quality, to build confidence amongst potential compost and digestate users, and to identify any specific areas where improvements in quality might be considered desirable.

Key points
PAS 100 and PAS 110 were viewed as very positive for market development, building the confidence of farmers, as well as those further up the food chain
Future rises in the price of manufactured fertilisers would increase the importance of this driver and would be likely to lead to increased demand for compost and digestate



Green and green/food composts were sampled from six Welsh facilities on November 2009 and March 2010 and tested (in triplicate) for a wide range of determinands.

These data are presented here, alongside data for three English anaerobic digestates and a range of livestock manures / slurries. The benefits of the recycled materials for Welsh agriculture are briefly discussed.

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