New Markets for Digestate

13th December 2016

This project was a desk based study to investigate the suitability of anaerobic digestate in areas other than its most common outlet of agricultural application.

Key points
Current forecasts predict that 70 billion litres per year of fossil fuels could be displaced by algae biofuels worldwide in road transport and aviation, by 2030; this is equivalent to a market value of over £15 billion (Carbon Trust, 2011)
In a summary of UK biofuels the proportion of biodiesel and bioethanol from UK sources is 32% and 24% respectively, indicating there is potential for UK production to increase



The project looked at higher value markets such as whether digestate can be used as a soil conditioner/ fertiliser, in growing media and turf and looked at opportunities for the fibre component of processed digestate.

Although the project does not report any new findings, it is a useful and informative summary which includes comparisons of digestate composition and the composition of other products on the market. The report and areas for further development are also discussed.

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