Digestate Distribution Models

13th December 2016

The objective of this project was to examine different organic recycling industry supply/distribution models (i.e. the manner in which materials move from where they are ‘produced’ to where thy will be used) and to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Accreditation to BSI PAS110 will increase customer confidence in digestate as a product and help to increase market access
Choices about how digestate is distributed can be critical to the viability of an AD project
The provision of adequate and secure storage is essential to enable year round production to be matched to land access and availability



Experience gained from other more established sectors, such as the composting and water industries, should prove valuable to AD operators in the development of their own business models for the distribution and land application of digestate since this aspect may have a significant effect on the viability of a project.

This knowledge should enable AD companies to learn from and adopt/adapt existing practices for the benefit of their own businesses.

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